Kentucky Association for 
Medical Instrumentation

KAMI General Membership Meeting

  • 08 Feb 2011
  • 5:15 PM
  • Norton Hospital Downtown (Main Hospital)

Norton Hospital and BMES hosts next KAMI meeting!!!  We will also hold vote on ammendment to bylaws regarding membership dues!!!


Map & Directions to meeting:

From S. Preston Street & E. Chestnut Street


  • 1.     Proceed south on S. Preston Street
  • 2.     On your right is JADAC and immediately after that is the Pavilion Parking Garage (labeled “A” on map)
  • 3.     Enter the Pavilion Parking Garage at the entrance just before E. Gray Street (see red arrow on map)
  • 4.     Take a parking ticket and keep it with you (it will be validated before you leave)
  • 5.     Park on any level in the garage (do not park in reserved spaces)
  • 6.     Once parked, proceed to Level 2 of the garage
  • 7.     Once on Level 2, follow the signs to the Norton Healthcare Pavilion entrance
  • 8.     You will walk down a ramp (see red arrow on map) from the Pavilion Parking Garage into the Norton Healthcare Pavilion (labeled “B” on the map)
  • 9.     Go straight down to the end of the hall, then turn right
  • 10.  Turn right again and take the Floyd Street Elevators down to LL
  • 11.  Exit the elevators to the right and take an immediate left
  • 12.  The Cranmer Auditorium is just down the hall on the right

Downtown Map[1].pdf

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